Monday, 23 April 2012

My First Day With Freddie

I was coming home from my next-door neighbour’s grandpas house, as we were parking opposite my house, I spotted my dad holding a cute golden dog. I thought in my head, oh great mum’s had a friend over again as a few weeks ago her friend had come over with 2 puppy’s. I asked mum, “whose dog is this” and as she replied “ours” a sudden adrenalin rush raced through my body. I had finally got the dog I was asking for!

 We named him Freddie, just like I had wanted. He was my dream dog, A cocker spaniel, a boy, and the name I had wanted to call it. I sprinted, whacked the gate open and grabbed him from my dad. His fur was soft, and he was tiny. I waved goodbye to my neighbours as we went inside.

That night it came to the time where we had to decide where he would sleep. He hadn’t a bed yet or any toys. We looked around, and finally found an old box. We stuffed some news paper inside and Freddie had a temporary house. Freddie was an inside dog as we don’t have a large backyard. That night he whined and wined all night, and drove us all crazy, but it was worth it.   

The next day when I woke up, I sprinted to his box, and he wasn't there. I was worried, where was Freddie? I looked around my living room and it was empty, deserted. The next second my heart jumped, my dad surprised me. He walked into the living room, Feddie in his arms, with an old teddy in his mouth. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Despite the excitement rushing through my body I still needed to go to school. I left the living room, left Freddie and returned to my room where I prepared myself for a day at school. As my mum rushed me out of the house, Freddie trotted over, jumped up and said goodbye :)

My first days with Freddie were the most memorable days of my life, along with the birth of my two younger sisters. Freddie settled in well in our family, and we treat him as one of us. He is a perfect family dog, as he was brought up with two young children, so he knows how to behave around kids. 

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